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Flagmaster  Pole Middle Joint
Flagmaster Pole Middle Joint ..
PRICE: £5.00
Flagmaster  Rotating Arm/Chain Weight and white top
Rotating Arm kit, complete with white top, 1 mtr arm and weight chain ..
PRICE: £39.95
Flagmaster Pole 6mtr WHITE
6mtr  White Flagmaster complete with top kit (white) and ground socket   To dow..
PRICE: £99.95
Foundation Set For Glassfibre Pole
Foundation Set For Glassfibre Pole ..
PRICE: £75.00
Gold Coloured Finial  [65mm ]
Gold Coloured Finial [65mm] - (NOT FOR USE WITH AN ARM) ..
PRICE: £23.95
Gold Cord & Tassel Set
Gold Cord & Tassel set for Ceremonial Flag Pole ..
PRICE: £25.00
Gold Finial with  Rotating Arm Kit
Gold top kit, complete with Gold top, 1 mtr Arm and weight chain ..
PRICE: £43.90
Ground Socket
Black 600MM Ground Socket for 6 Mtr Flagmaster ..
PRICE: £9.95
Halyard Rope 50Mtrs
50 mts of External Haylard ..
PRICE: £50.00
Halyard Suitable for  Internal Winch
Internal Halyard Rope suitable for Internal Winch - sold by the metre See table below for Mtr..
PRICE: £1.00
Top Kit (white) For Flagmaster Pole
Top Kit (white) for use with a 6 mtr Flagmaster ..
PRICE: £19.95
Top Kit (white) For Fourcourt Pole
White Top Kit, includes Top, Rope & Cleat ..
PRICE: £19.95
Truckhead (White)
White Truckhead to fit forecourt and Flagmaster Pole ..
PRICE: £7.50
Weight  For Glassfibre Pole
Weight for Glassfibre Pole ..
PRICE: £19.50
Weight For Flagmaster Poles White
 Weight for flagmaster pole ..
PRICE: £12.50